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Hello CPH friends, for the past 4 years we have offered handmade Christmas ornaments to support Christmas for the children of the villages and their families. This year we ar offering these unique hearts that the children colored on one side and signed on the other. These bookmarks are perfect for marking, not just one but 2 scriptures and a wonderful reminder to pray for these children. They may also be given as a gift in honor of someone special in your life. For a donation of $15 or more you can make sure that a child has a gift and the family has food for Christmas Please contact us if you are interested in helping the children. God bless you all



You can help us give Christmas gifts, baskets of food, clothing and shoes by going to the Support CPH page on this site, We will be serving over 600 children this christmas and their families! This is a ministry also to the churches that we serve through in the different villages. Your contribution makes such a difference! God bless you for caring for the children!

The Mission

baby in walker - 1We are so thankful for the hundreds of children we have found in desperate situations, whose lives have been changed through the grace of God using Cookie Project to feed, deparisite, teach and develop health, hygiene and agriculture practices. God has seen fit for us to partner with churches and organizations both in Honduras and here in the states to also bring VBS & Bible studies that have change lives eternally……..but God always brings to my mind and my heart the story of the one lost sheep………May we never become complacent in our quest!


basket on ruby's headMG_0068She is a part of Cookie Project and we watch her grow up before our eyes. We know her life is far from ideal but she smiles at being able to take home this basket of food. We also know how desperately she and her family need our prayers as well as the basket of food, the cookies and milk and basic needs! We ask your prayers for all our children and their families, our staff in Honduras, the pastors that we work with and our board members as we go about our Father’s business!